Friday, March 26, 2010

3 month report

It's actually day +88, but here's a basic overview of how things are going. Something I forgot to mention in the video. . . my weight is now back close to normal (currently 65kg / 145lbs). I will continue to take Bactrim (antibiotic) and Acyclovir (antiviral) until six months, and then discontinue. And yes! I am quite happy to no longer have to inject myself with interferon. Normally that would have been a lifelong requirement. But this stem cell transplant has freed me from this annoyance.

[Note added later: By this three month post-HSCT time frame I noticed that my disease was no longer progressing and I noticed two symptomatic improvements: no more hyper-sensitivity to heat or hot temperatures and no more parathesia in my legs. All early indications that the HSCT procedure was a complete success that became clearly evident later.]