Sunday, May 9, 2010

A quick (4 month) update and Thank You

First note. . . my hair is back. And I haven't physically felt this good in eight years! Due to my conservative nature, I'm not yet going to declare that I'm cured of MS (although actually, I think I am). So far absolutely no new MS progression, I have much less fatigue, the parasthesia I had in my legs for several years has gone away and I'm not sensitive to heat as I was before the transplant. So that is exactly what I would expect (and continue to expect) in order to declare myself (in the future), cured of MS! I am feeling exceptionally positive about my health going forward and I feel that everything is falling into place well. And I'll say it again. . . . I am soooo happy to no longer inject interferon medication. I expect that I will never again have to be "treated" for MS since I don't have it anymore.

Last month we went to Japan to spend some time with my in-laws. They did such a huge favor for us to take care of Riki for the seven weeks I was in Germany for the transplant, that we threw a dinner party for everyone as a small way to say "Thank You." Undoubtedly we could not have done it without thier help. (The same goes for my cousin Judy! But I'll address that as a separate issue.) (Click to enlarge):

And then last weekend we had an opportunity to go down to Santa Barbara to meet up with Thomas and Gabriele for the first time. They live in Mainz, Germany and religiously follwed my blog & progress through the treatment. We communicated by e-mail while in Heidelberg and they provided VERY uplifting and inspirational support for Yuko and I during my hospitalization (and also offered to drive us to the airport during the snowstorm!). For that they have our eternal thanks & gratitude. I'm happy to call them true friends. Thomas & Gabriele were visting with Walter in Santa Barbara, a true gentlemen that is an unofficial member of the extended family. Walter is an amazing guy. . . . a great musician, citizen of the world and successful hollywood screenwriter. We will always look forward to seeing him when the opportunity arises. (Picture from Left to right, Gabriele, Walter, Thomas, click to enlarge):

And then this weekend we had a chance to get some dinner with Yokota-san and his fiance, Yuko. (Same Japanese language spelling as "my" Yuko.) Yokota-san (in addition to other wonderful people) provided soooo much support to us through this whole process. Undoubtedly I consider him part of my cure. I can't wait for the wedding later this year.

[Note added later. . . . the wedding was great. Such a wonderful couple. . . . . . ]

Expect another update at six months post-transplant, when things should be more clear on my cure status.