Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jack's Jump

“Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.”

Thomas Edison

This is the saying that I thought of when thinking about my good friend Jack. He and I used to work together in Silicon Valley. He has a rather impressive background of academic achievement having studied chemical engineering at both Cornell and Caltech. He is one of the best semiconductor process technologists that I know, and a good friend.

Unfortunately life threw Jack an undeserved curve ball and was zapped with a rapidly progressing form of Primary Progressive MS. So on short notice the details of his life's plans changed to something different than what he originally had in mind. Regardless, the biggest thing about Jack's kick-ass attitude that I admire so much is that he hasn't let MS beat him. His attitude is a good example that should be (and is) an inspiration to many others. So when some other people faced with the same circumstances may begin to lose an appreciation for life, take a look at one of Jack's recent adventures and remember that no matter how difficult the trial, there is enjoyment & appreciation of life to be had if you make the decision to grab it.

I hope you will enjoy the following video as much as I have which requires no further explanation. . . . .

And an addendum video. . . .


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