Friday, January 1, 2010

Day +3 (New Year Day)

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!! (For those that don't speak Japanese that means Happy New Year!)

Also, Dr. Thalheimer stopped by for a few minutes to wish me a happy New Year. Very nice to see him. Such a great doctor and wonderful human being!

I'm not going to waste any time today and just cut right to the chase. . . I feel like crap. Tired, lathargic, run down and most of all my GI tract is telling me NO FOOD, NO WAY! Saying that I feel like I've been through-the-wringer would probably be a fairly representative expression. My lack of desire for food is similar to the time in college when you get horribly sick from drinking [name your own alcohol] and never want to drink the same stuff for the rest of your life. Based on my mindset right now I think I could swear off solid food for the rest of my life. I'm told that this is because the epithelial tissue layer of my entire GI tract is coming off from the chemo. At least I know that this should resolve in another week-to-ten days. I have to remind myself of my own maxim. . . . "No situation is so bad that it cannot get worse." It's nice to have the nurses here providing some moral support and reassurance that they are here to help me through it and that this too shall pass.

This morning my leukocytes measured at 222 and platelets at 102. In this setting that is essentially zero. My immune system is gone (and also "reset" from the standpoint of my MS). Detail history (click to enlarge). . . .

Last night Yuko and Frank went to Old Town Heidelberg to ring in the New year. I'm very glad they had an enjoyable time, loving to see the images and video. I'll take watching it from a distance and am glad to be here in Heidelberg. If I never had the opportunity to see Frank again, I would be glad to know this is my last image of him. . .

They went over to the bridge entrance into old town to join the throngs of other New Year revelers. I think the following video requires no further explanation. At least now I know where all the German socer hooligans migrated to. . . . . . .

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