Monday, January 4, 2010

Day +6

Hi, it's Yuko again. Sorry, but no luck for George being up a new posting today... he needs more rest. I just came back from the afternoon/evening visit with him.

His vitals this morning was BP 120/80, pulse rate 100 (a little fast), body weight 63kg/139lbs (his normal is 68kg/150lbs). Body temperature is around 38 - 38.4 C (100.4- 101.1F). No blood test results available yet, but most likely still in neutropenic condition. Dr. Ho mentioned hopefully from this Wednesday the leukocyte level will be going up. This is very good to know and encouraging. It should help him a lot to feel better, mentally and physically for sure.

He has not ingested any food for five days now.Even if he drinks a small amount of Sprite, he feels nausia and throws up, but his stomach is basically empty so looks like just bile comes out ..(o oh, sorry, that's too much detailed information...)

His hair starts falling off, I could actually see his shedding. (click to enlarge)

He said he would shave his hair using a clipper tomorrow. Also he said he feels very weak and like "loopy" because he thinks he has not eaten but taken a lot of drugs through IV; antibiotics and anti-emetic medications... all legal drugs, just so you know :)

So I just tried....I tried to pull hair on his legs, but no hair comes off, so asked him "what about your nose hair???"

... o oops, not funny at all....

So I stopped joking around with him, but just pray for him to be back to the "George" who we know :-)

Today is January 4th, the day I have to get back to work. So I worked from here. I completed more training which was overdue, somewhat releived. I did laundry (yeah!), which sometime takes forever with the dryer here. (it's not a complaint.... yes a little bit complaint...) Working maybe keeps me well-balanced.

No picture today. Hope everybody has a very good morning/day/evening whereever you are.

- Yuko

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