Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day +5

Hello, this is Yuko. It is snowing here in Heidelberg.
Very sorry, but George is too sick to post today. He wants me to give you an update, so here I am.

Just a quick update. His leukocyte level is 40 today, he's been in neutropenic condition for 4 days already. Platelet level is very low, too. Dr. McClanahan told him to let them know as soon as he feels severe headache, it should be a sign of bleeding in his head... scary.

He still has fever about 38C (100.4 F) when I visited this morning, and he continues to take an antibiotic medication through IV. No mucositis in his mouth, but maybe in the esophagus, therefore he complains pain and discomfort and could not eat anything. Yogurt was left unopen on the side table. I hope he could take pills supposed to be taken "Morgen", though. He takes anti-acid and a painkiller (both are syrup or liquid type) for this pain.

He also wanted me to update other side, what I did, etc...
I didn't do much today, Sunday is a rest day. I read books in most of my free time, or listening 80's music on "Deluxe Music" channel. I guess German people really love 80's, right Judy?

My sister gave me an update about Riki. He and his grandma took a bullet train (shinkansen) to visit my sister's family in Tokyo. He was so excited on taking a shinkansen, which I can easily imagine. Seems like he adjusted to new environment very well, thanks to my mother and all of my family there, and enjoys playing with his cousins (shown in picture). One of my good coworkers said to me before. . . . Everything has a good(positive) side and a bad (negative) side, so you should look at both sides. One of the positive sides in this current situation may be [that it is] a good chance for Riki to bond to my side of family. Now he knows he has a very good extended family in Japan.

I really hope George will be getting better tomorrow so he can say hi to you all.
Let's see...

- Yuko

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