Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day +7

It was too soon for me to tell a couple of people that George would post today... but it's Yuko again. .. sorry. I am gonna give you just a quick update for today.

Not really a big change as far as his condition. He makes a painful face because of a pain due to, we think, the mucositis in his esophagus and nausea. Still he has a fever 38.6C (101.5F). He's still neutropenic but Dr. McClanahan told him his leukocyte counts are "slightly" increased. Although it is possible this is just a variation in the [measured] data, we hope this will be a good sign .... George and I are praying this is a sign of successful engraftment and we will see an upward trend of the counts tomorrow.

Platelets are very low still. I saw many bruise on his arm and legs, especially the area for the blood drawing on his arm is bad, which makes me feel terrible. When I visited this evening, he said he got infusion of platelet. Hope it helps.

He started to take a nutrition IV. It is a bag filled with white solution/emulsion, the nurse practitioner explained it's because of fat contained. Then he asked . . . . . "omega-3?"

... ... Just to make sure it's made of fish oil, not .... lard or something :D

And of course, shedding...
It seems like there is a dog on the bed. A dog is not supposed to be in a hospital :-)
One of the nurse practitioner, [nurse] Frau Diana, kindly helped him to shave his head.
Thank you very much... he looks good.

Big news today is that Tateishi san, George's Japanese roommate, was discharged. Fantastic!... even though we miss him. We hope he and his family will visit us in California some time!

And for the last of today's posting... Heros in Heidelberg.

These 4 doctors take care of George and see him every morning.

And he gives George a physiotherapy.

Ciao ciao!

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