Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cousin Judy arrives in Heidelberg

Today my wonderful cousin Judy arrived from Beautiful Sebastopol, California. She and her husband (cousin Tif) have been, like many, super supportive. Judy being here is so helpful, it's difficult to describe. She will be the crtical bridge between when I'm admitted to the hospital (Dec 15) and when my wife, Yuko arrives (Dec 17). I will transfer all the necessary functional knowledge to Judy, of which she can share with Yuko when I'm in the hospital since I won't be available to do that. Also. . . I'll bring Judy along together when I next meet up with Dr. Raab on Monday. Judy will be an excellent Yuko "stand-in" for these medical discussions.

No slam on Judy. . . . but since this is the longest time that Tif and Judy have been apart in thier 32 year marriage, she brought along half her houshold. Showing up with three large bags kinda surprised me. How the heck did she get all the way from the airport to the apartment without Tiger's caddy? She's a real trooper. But anyway, the important thing is that everyone feel comfortable and at home as much as possible. And I want Judy to feel at home here while she's extended a giant helping hand to Yuko, Riki and me. Her kindness (and Tif's!) will never be forgotten.

Today we also walked over to the hospital billing department and was able to pay the rent for the apartment. Very convenient that I can use the credit card for that. The hospital staff are very nice and accepted the payment with a big smile and a big "thank you."

Today I'll show Judy how to get around and to the market. She said that she wants to cook a chicken dinner within the next couple days. Yummy! Can't wait. We'll also stop by a wine shop to pick up a few gifts.

Tomorrow (Saturday) will likely be my only tourist day while I'm here in Germany. I think we'll stop by old town Heidelberg. I'd also like to try to locate and scope-out a Japanese restaurant for when Yuko arrives.

Simple day with simple pleasures. And I keep dreaming of the day in the not-too-distant future that I will be cured of Multiple Sclerosis. I know it will come to fruition.

Thanks to all!

- George

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