Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting (logistics) things done today

Another good day today for taking care of logistcal things here now that I have a break for a few days before being admitted to the hospital for chemo. All these good days in a row kinda worry me because I beleive in the law of Karma. If things are going so well for me here then they gotta be going terribly bad for someone somewhere elese in the world. I'm afraid that the law of balance will eventually catch up with me. I'm rubbing my lucky rabbit's foot so hard that I'm afraid it's going to burst into flames from the friction!

Where to start today. . . . our guest house apartment was installed with a slightly too-short (lengthwise) shower curtain so some water was getting on the bathroom floor. I went out and found a hardware store that is equivelent of a Home Depot. In fact, they even ripped-off the Home Depot orange colors, too. Looks very nice. I found the 240cm shower curtain I needed right away. But because I was in a hardware store I was feelin in heaven and decided to waste another two hours just browsing the isles. That's what geeky guys like me do when we lack mission objectives. Hey, Yuko likes to browse Macy's at the mall for long periods of time. Hardware is just a guy thing. Get over it.

I also found electrical connector adaptors that I bought. So Yuko, you don't need to buy or bring any. All taken care of.

The big accomplishment. . . got a cell phone today from Vodaphone. Only 20 Euros! It's a pre-paid phone, so should be perfect for our purposes into January. I topped it up with 80 Euros, so should last a while. Incoming calls are always free and local (Germany) calls are pretty cheap. However, outgoing international calls are about 1 Euro per minute. I will hand the phone over to Judy and Yuko when I'm admitted to the hospital. Here is the telephone number:

Cell Number: 0162-781-6265

Dialed from United States: 011-49-162-781-6265

Also. . . since we'll be moving out (probably early January), getting any delayed mail might be a problem. However, we do have a mailbox at this address:

George Goss
Gastehaus des Klinikum
INF 371
App 4858
D-69120 Heidelberg

Dr. Hundemer said I could have a glass of wine with my dinner. So that's what I'm going to do. Off to dinner and looking forward to seeing cousin Judy tomorrow. (She's gonna be wiped from jet lag, I know. I hope she brought the melatonin!)

Take care, everyone!

- George

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