Sunday, December 13, 2009

Small omen

I hadn't even noticed it. Judy saw it first. . . . . . . I'll explain . . . . There is a large building directly adjacent to our guest house apartment (building not shown in the picture) that houses the premier cancer research center in all of Europe (also part of Heidelberg University Medical Center). On the side of the building is a large fenced construction yard. The yard iteself is not visible from the street, or anywhere else outside the fenced area. Except for our apartment on the top corner of our building that looks directly down in the construction yard area. On Friday afternoon I'm sure the yard was empty. But on Saturday evening Judy noticed a lighted christmas tree standing where there previously was nothing. We have discussed getting a small tree to put in the apartment, but it's a little of a pain because anything we bring into the apartment will have to go out again. So I wonder if the workers that put this tree up know that they have shared a nice gift with us that we get to see every day (and night with lights). Sometimes small things make a big difference.

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