Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hospital admission delayed

Jinx! It's gotta be my fault. I spoke too soon on the previous post. I was all packed and ready to check into the hospital. Received a call from the hospital this morning and was told that my admission is going to be delayed until next Monday, December 21. This is consistent with the possibility that Dr. Raab outlined for us at yesterday's meeting. The hospital has to coordinate many people's chemo treatment, and they have a weekly schedule 'routine' they follow that usually starts on Mondays & Tuesdays. Because my admission was turning into sort of a last minute thing (knowledge of timing based on the successful apheresis), it had to be bumped to next Monday because it's out of thier routine to start the chemo on Wednesday and run into and over the weekend, which would have been my case had I been admitted today.

But I look at this situation with pragmatic spectacles. Although a little disappointing (and logistically somewhat inconvenient), I'm not bent out of shape about it. It's necessary to roll with the punches on this. I still feel grateful that I can get the treatment (MS cure!) here and I still know I'm fortunate things will still turn out in the end the way I'm hoping.

But more importantly for this schedule delay. . . . I'm not dying of cancer. Every single other person being admitted to the Ackermann ward here in Heidelberg IS going to die from their disease if they don't get the transplant procedure completed pronto. So I don't at all mind to move over so those in more critical need are served in a timely manner. The world is not just all about me.

The main thing of consideration for me now is what to do about the return trip logistics. Yuko will still (likely) depart Germany to return to Japan on Wednesday, January 6. At that time I will still be in the hospital but my recovery should be well under way and it should be evident at that time that the desired increasing white blood cell count will support a specific discharge date. However, although I can't be certain, due to my MS I need to plan on the possibility that I will have difficulty walking during the time I return to California. (Hopefully not. Unfortunately it's just impossible to predict.)

Because of this schedule change it would be a gigantic burden on Bernhard to stay the additional time (he's still gotta work, earn a living and avoid the indiscriminate Mattson RIF axe!), so he can't (and shouldn't) stick around. Yuko and I have already discussed arranging for someone else to help me back. It's just money for us to buy another airplane ticket either for someone to fly roundtrip from Germany, or roundtrip from the US. Any volunteers for an all-expense paid 2 day vacation to Germany or California? Although cold, Heidelberg is beautiful this time of year! Somehow we'll figure this out. In the end it's just money.

But there is always a positive side to every story. When Yuko arrives I will still be free (for a few days) to venture outside together with she and Judy. That means we can all stop by the Irish pub together and I can have (another) final sushi dinner before being admitted to the hospital. Yum!

Last note. . . . At the restaurant downstairs there is a really nice guy working there (Jerg) that is always friendly and gives us great service. Today Judy and I had lunch there, so she had the opportunity to meet him. Now that the connection is made Judy will continue getting the best service. I love continuity. Especially the kind where I can continue to live, and live well.

And here is the updated schedule (click to enlarge). . . .

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