Friday, December 11, 2009

What friends are made of

Today we went out and did some shopping. As a guy its great to be out with a person that knows exactly what they want, and how to get it. Judy did a great job stocking up the apartment. It's really feeling like a home-away-from-home. It will be complete when Yuko arrives.

I have to admit. . . although mentally prepared for the pending adverse effects of the chemo, I am begining to feel a little apprehensive or anxious now that we're in the calm-before-the-storm. It won't dissuade me from the treatment, but there are a few residual butterflies. I guess that's understandable, right?

A short video note regarding what this trying experience has taught me that can be summed up with my new aphorism. . . .

"During the good times, everyone can look good. But during the bad (or difficult) times, people reveal thier true character."

I also want to send a big "Hello" to all my PlasmaSi friends. I can't stop being excited about the company prospects. How are things going while I'm away? Thanks to all of you!

I also hope today to go out today or tomorrow and have my head shaved again. I gotta admit it's been a great low-maintenence hands-off hair style. I may keep it buzzed short following treatment.

Also. . . I still feel unaffected after taking the 60mg daily prednisone steriod for a week now. Although it's only been a week, I'm going to start reducing the dose to get off it. With steriod therapy it's necessary to reduce the dose gradually otherwise severe hypotension (low blood pressure) could result. So today I reduced it to 40mg and will drop another 20mg tomorrow and then continue to cut it in half each day. Should be off it by middle of the week when I am taking the Melphalan chemo (if that's what we decide together with Dr. Raab at Monday's meeting).

I'm looking forward to begining treatment this coming week. That's when I can better report on the blog regarding the nuts-and-bolts of the actual treatment regimen and it's effects. Funny thing, being a scientist at heart I do derive some level of comfort looking & reporting all about the science of this in a dispasionate manner.

So more to come. Thanks again to everyone!

- George

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